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Modern, efficient and sustainable agriculture

Monsanto’s transformation process is not only taking place within our company but also outside, with our various stakeholders, and most importantly, with our growers. They have been the ones who have perceived these change processes the most since through joint work, we have been progressing toward modern agriculture and more efficient work in the field.

In just a few years, we have gone from harvests that lasted entire months to seed collections that could be done in practically a few days. We have evolved from total dependency on external factors, such as climactic conditions, to efficient control of pests and harsh weather; from having certain foods only during their natural collection period to having access to them during most of the year and maintaining them in optimal conditions for increasingly longer periods of time.

As Pablo Cea and Tomás Vega recounted at Winter School, the technological progress of agriculture provides us with high-tech irrigation systems, fertilizers, crop monitoring, precision systems and cutting-edge sowers, which have driven the competitiveness of the sector, yielded better results and posed significant challenges to continue making the most of the productive potential of farmland.

The introduction of technological projects in the sector has not been without difficulties, especially because of technical obstacles in the industry. As Pablo told us, support has been fundamental, especially because the growers are sometimes reluctant to implement new technologies. “We are working to ensure the survival of agriculture with the introduction of more and better technological tools that help us make up for the scarcity of labor in the fields”.

The road to modernization that Monsanto has travelled with the growers includes an ongoing process of training, performance evaluation of the productive systems and the adaptation and updating of irrigation technology, which is closely related to the careful use of water. Most importantly, it has required innovation and entrepreneurial capacity to dare to implement technologies that allow better resource use. As such, both irrigation and precision sowing have been the projects with the greatest impact and scope, fundamental pillars of this modernization process.

The amazing technological progress allows us to conceive of sustainable agriculture today as an essential and unquestionable model that allows us to satisfy the current nutritional needs of the population, guaranteeing productive efficiency with the highest quality and safety of the products.

go-winterModern, efficient and sustainable agriculture

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